Multipurpose Beauty Products In Your Bag

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Think you need all the new makeup bag arsenal for the upcoming season? Think again. Many of the beauty products we use could have more than one purpose, as well as some specially designed multipurpose products like Stilla Convertible Color for cheeks, lips, and lids or Nars Multiple Stick for body, cheeks, and lids. There’s no need to buy all of those new products for specific areas if the ones you already have will do the job just as well.

Multipurpose Beauty Products

Summer dark lip makeup

Highlighter Eyeshadow

You can easily use a highlighter eyeshadow to highlight your whole face, not just the eyes. The white shimmery product will suit most light skin tones while bronze and dark beige would be perfect for medium and dark skin tones.

Lip Stain

Lip stains are perfect double purpose products when it comes to creating a fresh faced look with matching lip and cheek color. Just be sure to work fast with the lip stain to get a seamless glam look without streaks of color.

Brow Pomade

Did you know you could use your brow pomade as eyeliner? It’s true. If you always wanted to try one of those gel eyeliners in a pot but was afraid to splurge, this is your chance to master the pro eyeliner with your brow pomade.


Beside using your concealer to even out your skin and hide blemishes, try it on the lids to boost your eyeshadow color and wear time. Although if you’re an eyeliner girl through and through try powder instead to make your pencil wings stay intact especially if you have greasy lids.

There are, of course, some products that are better suited for just their primary job, like bronzer. Don’t use it for contouring if you want a glam magazine look. Instead use a special contouring kit or just a dark shimmer-less eyeshadow in dark tones.

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