Missing Summer: Coral In Makeup

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So, if you’re already missing summer there is a great way to cheer yourself up – makeup. Well, coral makeup that is. Both summer and fall appropriate this amazing color can be both a bright accent and a sunny summer afterglow. Here are a few ideas on how to wear coral this fall in rememberence of summer.


Coral blush

Coral blush is perfect for accentuating and creating that summer glow. Use it with bronzer to fake that just-from-vacation look. Bronze and coral work great together so blend it well and you will get a slightly tan fresh-faced glowy complexion that screams summer but is also a huge fall trend. How convenient!

Coral eyeshadow

Coral eyeshadow can be hard to pull off if you wear it alone. It has red in it so be prepared for questions about your health. To eliminate any unwated redness add a bit of gold shimmer to it or go straight for brown. Brown is a perfect coral color companion.

Coral lipstick

Speaking of which, try coral lipstick and go for brown eyeshadow instead. This is an ultimate summer look. Bright lips, bronzed eyes and cheeks, what could be more beautiful?

Coral Makeup Tips

Coral makeup on the whole isn’t as challenging to wear as say red. You should still watch out for undertones though. If you have a warmer complexion opt for corals with warm undertones, paler complexions call for pink undertones in coral. Sheer textures in lipsticks are easier to pull off than creamy ones since the latter might make your lips look too pale and unnatural just like the pale pinks.

While a monochromatic makeup is a huge trend this year it’s best to avoid an all coral makeup as it may look too orange-y and you don’t want that. If you decide on coordinated makeup go for blush and the lips as it’s the best combination that always works.

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