Melt-proof Makeup Tips You Should Know

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Melt-proof Makeup Tips You Should Know

With the temperature going higher and higher, we need to change our makeup routine to help it survive Summer heat. Therefore we gather for you several tips that will help you looking fresh and stunning all Summer long.

Summer Makeup Tips: How to Keep your Makeup from Melting

We know how to stay flawless during Summer. Follow these simple summer makeup tips to keep your makeup in place.


The golden rule of Summer makeup is ‘the less is the better’. That is why if you don’t want to end up with a melted face, you’d better to avoid applying foundation and concealer during hot Summer days. Moisturize and apply a thin layer of face primer. If you still need a heavier coverage, go for a tinted moisturizer. Use a cheek stain for a lasting glow on your cheeks. Fix makeup applying a sheer coat of transparent powder.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup for hot summertime also requires special attention. Opt for waterproof eyeliners and eye pencils to prevent your eye makeup from melting. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to stay away from eye crayons, as they will turn into a smudgy disaster on your eyes. Waterproof mascara is also a must if you’d like to keep your makeup in place. But don’t abuse its application, as waterproof mascara tends to make lashes brittle and dry.


For those who prefer lipsticks and lip glosses, we recommend applying face powder to the lips beforehand to make your lip makeup last. Otherwise you can go for lip stain, it promises to stay up to 6 hours even in hot Summer days.

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