Matte vs. Dewy Makeup

As seasons change matte and dewy makeup lead the beauty trends. Both looks are great when done properly. So here are the tips on how to achieve matte or dewy finish and what skin types benefit from either look.

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Dewy makeup has took the beauty industry by storm as it prompts more natural and radiant look. But the matte makeup has been improved since the times when it was used to plaster faces. Now the matte finish can be velvety, smooth and creamy so how to choose between the two? And how to achieve either look?

Matte vs. Dewy Makeup

The Difference

First of all, let’s see the difference. Matte finish is smooth and even without shiny spots. It doesn’t glow or shine which is exact opposite of dewy makeup. The latter gives the skin a light shine as if the skin is well moisturized but not greasy.

Which One To Choose

Dewy makeup suits the dry skin while the matte finish helps keep the oily skin from shining. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have both or try to combine these. Prep oily skin with water-based moisturizer but stay away from the T-zone. Opt for skin-colored sheer tint. Make sure the products are lightweight and free from shimmer. Again when applying it stay away from the T-zone.

Prep dry skin with moisturizer, let it sit in for 15 minutes and then apply moisturizing tint or sheer foundation. After applying foundation or tint you can do the rest of makeup. Normal healthy skin can handle the foundation-free look with a bit of concealer and shimmery powder.

Matte look is achieved with matte foundation or matte face powder. For dry skin it’s important to moisturize face well before applying matte makeup as it may show off the dry skin. In order to prevent shine in oily skin opt for water-based moisturizers, alcohol-free tonics, oil-free products and mild cleansers that do not dry out the skin as it’s forcing it to produce even more oil.

Tips & Tricks

  • For dewy look use cream blush to keep it sheer and light.
  • Use highlighter at the highest point of your face.
  • Shimmery powder can help create dewy look without foundation.
  • Matte is not caky. Be careful using too much foundation and powder.
  • Matte powder gives the face a smooth finish.
  • Be careful with matte lip color if lips are thin.

You can always combine these too especially if skin is mixed. Just know your skin type and pick up tips that deal with that type of skin.

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