Making Case For Green Lipstick

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Lipstick Queen Frog Prince green lipstick

It’s actually not green at all as it turns pink once it makes contact with your skin

Okay, so Lipstick Queen has launched this color-changing green lipstick and it gave me an idea to finally make a case for green lipstick. See, it’s been popping up here and there and everywhere for quite some time now. It also appeared on the New York runway and girls all over the net tried a few dozen of shades. Here’s what we’ve learnt from it all.

Green Lipstick Look Ideas

Rihanna wearing green lipstick

If there is an unusual new lipstick color you can bet Rihanna’s worn it

Amber Rose wearing green lipstick

Amber Rose isn’t far behind

Green lipstick look

Green + gold = gold?

Khaki green lipstick

Khaki matte green works incredibly well

Pale green ipstick

Pale shades don’t work in no shade, they just make you look sick

green lipstick

 Metallic finish with blue undertones makes for an incredible look

If you want to try a green lipstick but get lost in a sea of shade options just remember one rule – not too pale, not too dark. If you’ve never worn a dark or black lipstick and don’t think it’ll suit you stay away from dark greens. Alternatively opt out of too pale shades that look like paint. They will make your lips look too unnatural or worse, you’ll look sick. Choose the shades from a happy middle and go for bluish greens if you have blue skin undertones.

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