Makeup Tips: How To Wear Pastels

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Pastels have taken over the fashion world this season. It’s only expected to see pastels in makeup as well. Hair color and nail polish have gone pastel as well so there are many different ways to wear this trend. The key to pulling it off is choosing hues and shades that work for your skin tone and undertones.

Choose your own way of wearing pastels

Emphasize the eyes

At Derek Lam models wore a soft yellow with neutral brown on the upper eyelid and right below the natural bold eyebrows. This look can be created with any pastel eyeshadow. The focus is on the eyebrows while the eyeshadow brings in the color. Brown eyeshadow under the brows accentuates them making them look even bolder.

You can use several pastel colors to create the colorful spring look. To complete the look pick pastel pink or nude lipstick and matching blush. More intensive pastel lipstick can actually be worn with pastel eyeshadows if done right and the colors suit the skin tone. Be sure to blend well and apply little product to avoid overdone look.

Romantic look

Pastels are great at creating a soft romantic look. Here soft pinks were used on the lids and lips to create a romantic makeup look. Cheeks are covered with matching blush though the whole look is minimal so it doesn’t look overdone.

Wear pastel nail polish

Pastel nails are very ‘in’ so pick any color to add to the look. To elongate the nails wear them a little longer but no too long and opt for deeper shades as paler hues can make nails look short.

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