Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Unique beauty of brunettes fascinates with its mystery, and dramatic contrast range. Brunettes seem to radiate some special kind of energy that wins men’s hearts. And in order to accentuate this inimitable beauty and sensuality brunettes just need to learn how to do the proper makeup.

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Makeup for Brunettes

As it is widely known brunette hair color has quite diverse shade palette starting from the chestnut or brown hair color to the jet-black one. That is why the makeup color palette also differs greatly. The color of eyes as well as skin tone should also influence your choice of makeup colors. And the only feature that determines the makeup for brunettes is rich color gamma that can be used for makeup. But remember that there is a limit to everything and in order to avoid a makeup disaster, learn our tips on how to do a perfect makeup for brunettes.

Makeup for Brunettes

If you are a jet-black brunette with dark eyes and swarthy skin, it is better to opt for tobacco yellow shade of foundation and powder, while blush should be of saturated coral, carmine-pink or dark-peachy shades. Also don’t stint yourself in applying mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, because it is you who can allow yourself bright or even loud makeup. If you are going to emphasize your eyes then smoky eye makeup would never better accentuate your deep dark eye color. And for accentuating lips jet-black brunettes are better to use rich terracotta, cherry red or crimson lipstick shades. But remember that coupling of bright eyes and bright lips is inadmissible even for you!

Makeup for Brunettes

For women with warm brunette hair color such as chestnut one it is better to opt for warm beige or pinkish shades of foundation and powder. If your eyes are brown or green opt for brown or greenish shades of eyeshadow and fix upon brown mascara. But if your chestnut hair color is paired with dark color of eyes soft eyeshadow shades of blue and gray would perfectly suit you. As for lip makeup women with chestnut hair color and green or gray eyes can get saturated shades of ruby lipstick, while brown-haired, dark-eyed brunettes should experiment with various shades of pink.

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  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Excuse me, did you just copy this from some foregin magazine or something?? This kind of article is exactly the reason why I don`t like to read fashion magazines! Ok, so you got it that there are variations of brown hair, plus for that, but about the chestnut hair, it is all about brown eyes, maybe green or grey, but very confusing! What if you have blue eyes? Or if you have grey eyes, what eye shadow then? Will you hold back the info until next issue so you have something to wright about? Or is it that you just don`t know???

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