Makeup Tips for Blondes

No one man can resist the charms of bewitching blondes. Pale skin, blonde hair and expressive look are the features of every fair-haired beauty that are so alluring for men. But the effect would be even more impressive if you know how to accentuate all your unique ‘blonde’ features with the help of makeup, unless find out our makeup tips for blondes.

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The selection of makeup products for natural blondes mainly depends on the shade of hair and the color of eyes, while for dyed blondes is also rather important to take into consideration their skin tone.

Makeup Tips for Blondes

Blondes with strawy hair shade and blue or grey eyes usually tend to have quite fair skin tone, thus it is better to revive this extremely fair or even colorless look with a light touch of pink or coral blush. But if your hair is darker then it would be better to opt for blush and powder of peachy shades. As for ash blondes, brownish shades of blush and powder are considered to be the best choice for natural makeup look.

Eye Makeup for Blondes

To avoid burdening subtle blonde look makeup artists recommend accentuating eyes with the help of brownish or grayish shades of eyeliner instead of its black counterpart. Moreover here you should follow the rule: the lighter your hair is, the lighter shade of eyeshadow and eye pencil you should get. And don’t neglect applying brown mascara as it would look more striking than the black one perfectly matching your fair skin tone and blonde hair color. The shade of eyeshadow should be selected in accordance to your eye color, for instance blue-gray eyeshadow shade is a perfect option for blue-eyed blondes, while brown-eyed blondes should opt for gray or brownish shades of eyeshadow.

Lip Makeup for Blondes

For everyday makeup look, blondes would better to opt for delicate light shades of lipstick such as beige, golden, and coral ones, while for evening makeup look brighter shades of pink and coral appear to be the best choice.

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