Makeup Table Basics

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Makeup Table Basics

Makeup table is a great way to organize and store your makeup tools from mascara to powder. Makeup vanities or tables can also store hairpins, combs and everything related to hair care. But you also have to follow some rules to make your makeup table serve you well.


Locate your makeup table near a window in order to have natural lighting at hand to see all the colors well and apply makeup correctly. Lack of light can result in overdoing your makeup. Also have some additional lamp around to serve the purpose in the evenings. Makeup tables and vanities with lighted mirrors are great for crating a flawless correct makeup. This is makeup professionals’ must-have so the rest of us can simply use the natural lighting as the best and free makeup ‘tool’.


Organize your makeup in order to prevent mess and dirt from the makeup products on your makeup table. Vanities are handy in terms of organization. You can sort out your makeup and cosmetic products and hair tools and accessories by drawers and take them out only when you need them keeping your table clean and uncluttered.


Makeup products leaves dirt behind. Crumbled eyeshadow and powder, accidental product spills and all that sort of things should be cleaned right away. Wipe your makeup table regularly with a damp cloth to clean away all the product left after your makeup sessions.

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