Makeup Side Effects

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We all know that makeup can significantly change our appearance, highlight the pretty traits and hide those that we don’t want to be seen. However, makeup can be potentially dangerous, since it is mostly made from chemicals. So as you can guess, there can be lots of makeup side effects from allergic reactions to serious skin conditions. Do you know about the side effects some makeup products can be responsible for? Well, if not, here is the list of possible makeup side effects, from not so serious conditions to frightening severe cases.

Cosmetics Side Effect

Makeup Side Effects

Chemicals In Various Products


Acne or little blackheads that appear on the oily face can be also caused by several ingredients used in makeup. Certain liquid or creamy makeup products clog the pores and usually those products can’t be removed so easily. When pores are clogged with makeup it attracts dirt and oil – this is what essentially a blackhead. If not treated, the blackheads can become blemishes that are in fact a bacterial infection. The best solution to this problem is to find makeup products that can be easily washed away.

Allergic Reactions

Well, allergic reactions are quite common types of makeup side effects. The allergies can be seen through rashes, acne, dryness and itching of skin that manifests itself right after the makeup is applied. The allergic reactions can be identified by a doctor by going through a ‘patch test’. Best thing is to avoid the products to which you are allergic.


Cancer is of course one of the severest side effects that can be caused by makeup. Even though there is huge trend for using ‘natural’ makeup ingredients, not all of them have been clinically tested. If you notice that the makeup products that you use contain chemicals like amorphous hydrated silica this should be alarming. This chemical is known to contain small amount of crystalline quartz that has been linked to cancer.

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