Makeup how-to: Long-lasting maquillage

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Makeup how-to: Long-lasting maquillage

Long-lasting makeup is important in today’s modern world for a girl. Sometimes you get so caught in the work routine that you simply forget to check on your makeup and fix it if needed. So here is a little makeup how-to guide for achieving long-lasting maquillage.

Long-lasting Maquillage Tool #1

Makeup how-to: Long-lasting maquillage

Primer will prevent eye shadows from creasing. The same with lipstick. Primer prevents the lipstick from bleeding. Good primer is important as it is your makeup’s base.

Long-lasting Maquillage Tool #2

Makeup how-to: Long-lasting maquillage

Long-staying makeup products from foundation to mascara can be of great help for creating a long-lasting makeup. Long-wearing lipsticks are not new, just pick the right tone and apply carefully. Even blush has long-wearing formulas. Eyeliner and mascara can also be long-lasting.

Long-lasting Maquillage Tool #3

Makeup how-to: Long-lasting maquillage

Setting spray helps preserve colors from fading. Fixing your makeup with such spray will help achieve long-lasting maquillage.

Makeup how-to: Long-lasting maquillage

If you cannot use long-wearing makeup for some reason here are some more tips:

  • Apply foundation after your moisturizer has absorbed completely. Otherwise your foundation will wear off pretty quickly.
  • Fix your foundation with some powder. Get a compact powder to be able to quickly fix your makeup anywhere during the day.
  • Powder can be used as a primer for eye makeup.
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