Makeup for Women and Men by Enter Pronoun

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Are you looking for makeup products suitable both for you and your BF? The newest brand Enter Pronoun is here to help you. Makeup line Enter pronoun is about to blend gender boundaries launching a trio of amazing makeup products geared toward women and men.

Makeup for Women and Men by Enter Pronoun

Men have thicker skin, so thicker makeup just looks obvious and bad. I wanted textures that were transparent—so you could see the skin underneath.

That is how Enter Pronoun CEO and creative director Natalia Ramirez explains her idea of a gender-neutral makeup collection.

Ramirez collaborated with the celebrated manufacturer Bklor and created three amazing makeup formulas designed perfectly to accentuate its androgynous property. Here is what they’ve got:

Enter Pronoun Androgynous Makeup:

Makeup for Women and Men by Enter Pronoun

Concealer trio, named Switchbox, created to camouflage dark facial hair. “I personally call it magic concealer… The colors are orange red-based and completely disguise the dark black and blue pigment of facial hair—it’s perfect for tattoos as well.” says Natalia.

Makeup for Women and Men by Enter Pronoun

Blacknailed eyeliner pen for anyone whose aim is to add a real definition to his/her look. “Eye liner is my signature thing, and a lot of men, no matter what their style, are open for a little bit of it.”

Makeup for Women and Men by Enter Pronoun

Blowtorch, a waterproof bronzer to blow a sun-kissed glow onto your face.

The message is individuality. It’s about the fact that each person putting on this product is making themselves look and feel more beautiful—and it doesn’t really matter who they are.

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