Makeup for Pale Skin

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Makeup for Pale Skin

Pale skin tends to be translucent and prone to sun damage which results in fast a aging. So if you live in the sunny climate the first thing you need to think about is protection for your skin. Foundation or day cream with SPF protection will help protect your skin from damage and premature aging. Finding the right foundation is the key to a successful makeup. Finding the right shade for pale skin is quite a task so follow our makeup tips for pale skin.

Makeup for Pale Skin

Opt for foundation with yellow or beige tints to bring warmth to your skin. It will also cover up any redness. In order to cover up the dark circles or vessels under the eyes use concealer also with beige undertones that will not contrast with your skin but will also hide the circles.

In order to choose the right foundation for your pale skin test the shades you think match your skin tone on the back of your palm. The beauty professional or shop consultant may help you in picking the right tone for your skin. Avoid orange or pink-based foundations especially if your have pink undertones in your skin.

Makeup for Pale Skin

Avoid dark colors that very much contrast with your skin tone or you may end up looking garish. It doesn’t mean, though that you can’t sport rich bright shades on your eyes and lips. Instead of choosing black eyeliner opt for gray or brown. Avoid clear lines in your makeup, blend all the products well.

Choose champagne, brown or rosy for your eyes in your everyday makeup. Also don’t forget to consider your hair and eye color and choose shadows that will compliment and make your eyes pop up. Define your brows if they are too light. Thus you will make up your face a bit brighter but do not overdo.

Makeup for Pale Skin

Blush should look natural on your cheeks otherwise you may look clownish and you definitely do not want that. Opt for peach blush color as the rosy may bring out all the redness in your face. Do not forget that you always should blend the products well.

Lips deserve color as well. In everyday makeup your can go nude, peach or rosy but if you want a splash of color go coral, berry and red-browns. The lip color should go well with your hair color so it won’t look too garish or over-the-top.

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  1. Mary Kelly Says:

    I love Chanel’s fluid teint makup-p or Revlon’s Age Defying Make-up, a little rosy blush and I’m out the door. I wear Avon Everlasting Lipstick in Pink or nude.

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