Makeup For Hiding Facial Scars

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Let’s face it – not all of us have naturally perfect skin and some have to fight for the skin to be ideal. According to Acne Resource Center, 25 % of people who have acne will retain the scars and this means living with facial scars for the rest of their lives. Well, there are certain makeup tricks that you can follow in order to hide those unpleasant facial scars.

Concealing Facial Scars

Hiding Facial Scars

Hiding Facial Scars With Makeup

Concealing Facial Scars

Concealing the facial scars is pretty similar to hiding the dark circles around the eyes – as the trick is in finding a perfect concealer. Since the scars are characterized by rough texture you need to deflect the light from it in order to conceal the scars. First you need to apply the makeup base, only then apply a concealer and blend it out as much as possible.

Use Makeup With Good Formula

It is important to use concealer of higher end brands because their formula is significantly better and is not clogging the pores. However, no matter how good is the quality of the product, the makeup can be ruined if you have a particularly sweaty day. So it is also important to use powder as it will preserve the foundation and concealer for longer periods of time. Use loose powder as it will achieve the maximum result with less use of product.

Prevent The Scars

No matter how effective are these methods what is more important is to prevent the facial scars instead of concealing them. Maybe it is the makeup routine that is not healthy for your skin and maybe these several precautions can help you figure that out:

  • Remove the makeup before going to bed and dry your face with a clean unused towel, because damp towel breeds bacteria.
  • Never use concealers with built-in applicator, because when you apply it to the spot you will contaminate the entire tube. Use a makeup brush instead, it is safer. If you are on a tight budget it is best to use drugstore makeup brushes.
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