Makeup for grey eyes

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So many women have beautiful grey eyes and choosing the right makeup for them is not difficult. But of course there are some important details you might not know about.

When selecting the pallete for your shadows take into account your skin color type and think of the effect you want to achieve. So, if you are a warm type and you wish to accentuate your eyes your choice should be limited to golden, bronze, and sand colors. In case you want to focus on the complexion opt for shadows and eyeliners of cold tones: green, turquoiuse, blue, aqua, violet and rosy.

kate bosworth grey eyes

If you are a cold type and your goal is to highlight your eyes choose shadows and eyeliners of a cold green or violet pallette. Shade the shadows thoroghly. The ultimate color should be soft and subdued. To flatter the complexion warm tones will work best: pink-beige, light brown, light violet and cream-colored.

How to flatter your eyes with various shades:

  • To make grey eyes look ideal grey use silver shadows with metallic sparkle. Dark-blue tints will give the same effect.
  • To create the effect of darker grey eyes apply shadows of a light-grey color.
  • To add blue hue to grey eyes opt for golden, bronze, sand, orange and yellow shadows. Apply those to the upper lid and then shade them thoroghly. After that use blue eyeliner or blue shadows on the lower lid in a thin line along the lash growth. Coal black and dark-blue mascara will also make your eyes look blue.

kate bosworth grey eyes turn blue

  • To achive a greenish or turquoise tone of your eyes try indigo, cossack green and chocolate shadows. Apply those to the upper lid and use green shadows or eyeliner along the growth of your lower lashes.

Which tones to avoid:

  • To avoid making your eyes looking lifeless never use grey shadows of exactly your eyes’ color.
  • Stay away from bright pink and bright orange tints of shadows – they will make your look inflamed.

Kate Bosworth has grey eyes. Look which changes shadows make with the color of her eyes.

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  1. Skin Care Says:

    Thank you for providing tips and useful knowledge. I will try this at home.

  2. mayra Says:

    wat color will go with brown eyes.

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