Makeup For Dark Skin

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Makeup For Dark Skin

There are many opinions on how to choose makeup based on the wearer’s skin tone. But lately beauty experts have began urging us to pick makeup by trial and error method as there isn’t a universal formula of what colors look best on which skin tone. Every skin tone has its undertones so while you may try various shades and colors in your makeup there are some tips to makeup for dark skin.

Choosing Foundation

Makeup For Dark Skin

Choose foundation that matches your skin tone. Dark skin tend to be less prone to pimples and blackheads so you may use lightweight foundation to just to even out your skin tone. If your skin has a tendency to shine then choose foundation shade that is a bit darker than your skin tone. Lighter shades may make your face look patchy.

Creating Natural Look

Makeup For Dark Skin

To enhance your natural beauty you need to choose the shadows that will accentuate your eye color. Almond and burgundy-brown, copper and bronze shimmery shadows look great on the dark skin and the shimmer makes the eyes stand out. For daily makeup you can opt for semi-shimmery shadows. If you use non-shimmery shadows apply them with wet brush as moisture will intensify its color. For cheeks you can use orange, raisin or bronze blush. A touch of bronzer will add the glow to your look. For lips choose toffee, golden brown or nude lip gloss that matches your lip color.

Smokey Eyes, Evening Makeup and Bright Colors

Makeup For Dark Skin

Smokey eyes are a great evening makeup so almost any eyeshadow here will do. When choosing eyeshadow color though do not think only about how it looks on the dark skin but also how it suits your eye color. Electric eyeliners and bright lips are in so you can pull off any bright color if you’d like. Metallics and shimmer illuminate your skin making it glow so do not forget to have those in your makeup kit.

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    This article has really enlightened me. Now, i know what products to use.

  2. carrie Says:

    This is not cute you need more for african americans on here ……………Otherwise its okay

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