Makeup for blue eyes

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Blue-eyed girls often complain that it’s so difficult to find the colors of eye shadows which look great on them. However, with some tips in mind and a bit of experience this becomes pretty easy.

christina aguilera blue eyes
The first thing you should do is to determine which tones show the beauty of your eyes best. My advice for you is to experiment. No one will be able to tell you which colors look good or bad on your face if you don’t try them. Blue varies in the color depth, so it’s you who can find the best shadow tones for your beautiful blue eyes.

Tones perfect for blue eyes
Some tones seem to have been specially created for blue eyes. They are: pale pinks, silver, gold and purple. Besides, blue eyes are flattered with taupe, pearl and violet hues, lavender in particular.

To create a bright look try bright blue shadows. This advice might seem strange as many people say blue shadows for blue eyes is a big no, but dark-blue shadows make blue eyes even more expressive. Try it and you’ll be surprised with the result!

Navy and turquoise shadows do also look good, especially for blue-grey eyes. Bright pink and fuchsia tones will also accentuate how deep and attractive your eyes are.

Those who like experimenting can try charcoal shadows in combination with other tones. Smokey eyes look great on everybody, this makeup technique will never be a failure.

How to apply the shadows
When you have chosen the right shadows start applying them. Our advice will be especially useful for young girls who aren’t good at doing the makeup yet.
This procedure is just one of possible versions of applying eye makeup.

  1. Apply silver shadows all over your eyelid, up to the brow.
  2. Apply lavender shadows on the area from the line of your lash growth to the crease. Smudge the tones to avoid the line of distinction between them.
  3. Apply violet shadow in a V-shape moving to the outer corner of the eye. Smudge thoroughly. The transition from one shadow to another should be unnoticed and natural-looking.
  4. Emphasize the eye with a charcoal or black eye pencil.
  5. Mascara your lashes.

Feel free to use pale pink, pale or dark turquoise, gold and pearl, grey and bright blue, emerald and even red. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Blue eyes look well with almost any shadows.

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4 Responses to “Makeup for blue eyes”
  1. Tavia Says:

    Very interesting….but how about my green eyes? It would be interesting if you write another post with makeup tips for green eyes:)

  2. preet kaur Says:

    so nice and beutiful pic

  3. preet kaur Says:

    so sexy pic and cool

  4. The White Wordsmith Says:

    Beautiful! I never thought purple eyeshadow could look nice on blue eyes, but Christina show it does! I will definitely try a pale purple eye eyeshadow after seeing this post!

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