Makeup brushes care and cleaning tips

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Makeup brushes care and cleaning

Makeup brushes are your everyday tools to stay beautiful and bright. So they have to be cleansed as often as once in two weeks or more often if you use them everyday. In order to keep your brushes clean and your skin healthy we prepared some tips on makeup brushes care and cleaning.

Why cleaning makeup brushes is important

Makeup brushes accumulate not only old makeup products like shadows, foundation or blush but also dead skin cells and oils. So when the brush is used very often it becomes full of these things which are perfect for bacteria. If you don’t clean your makeup brushes these bacteria can cause skin irritation and even infection, not mentioning that your brushes won’t last long. Sponges are more dangerous in terms of bacteria accumulation. You rub them over your face so it is better to dispose of the used sponges.

Prevent bacteria buildup

Wipe your makeup brushes with wet wipes. It will cleanse them from the makeup residue, oils and dead skin cells thus preventing bacteria buildup.


Makeup brushes care and cleaning

Once a week or every two weeks wash your brushes in warm water with baby shampoo and tea tree oil. Fill a bowl or sink with warm water add a cap or tablespoon of baby shampoo and 3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil. Place your brushes into the bowl and gently rub each brush with your fingers for half a minute or more. Thus the shampoo will wash out all makeup and oil residue while tea tree oil will act as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

Rinse every brush thoroughly making sure it doesn’t stain water with the makeup residue and that no shampoo residue left on it. After you done cleaning your brushes let them air dry on a piece of cloth or towel. Reshape them properly if needed before they dry.

Makeup brushes care tips

Makeup brushes care and cleaning

  • Makeup brushes care don’ts: don’t boil, don’t share, don’t rub too harshly. Boiling will not sterilize your brushes, it will ruin them. Sharing your brushes with others may lead to skin irritation or infection as when you share your brushes you also share bacteria. While wiping or cleaning your brushes treat them gently not to lose bristles.
  • Some beauty salons or shops offer special products for cleaning makeup brushes. These can be quite expensive, so if you can’t afford them use shampoos for normal hair that don’t contain conditioner.
  • Use your brushes after they dried completely.

How to store makeup brushes

Makeup brushes care and cleaning

  • Keep the used brushes away from the new ones. Sort out your brushes by size and function. You can store them in a roll bag or plastic or glass jar.
  • Keep your makeup brushes away from direct sunlight and heat as it may ruin them.
  • Store your brushes in clean protected area. Separate the brushes that are used for liquid makeup from those that are used for powder makeup.
  • Sometimes the beauty shops give away such accessories as makeup bags or containers for free with the beauty products purchase. Save your money by getting one of those and use it to organize your cosmetics and makeup brushes.

As for kohls, use high-quality kohls, store capped in order to prevent bacteria. Sharpen once a week to get rid of bacteria.

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