Make-up Trends for Winter ’09

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Winter is a special season, season of innocence and purity. It’s nice and beautiful despite that cold many people hate about winter. But what I hate about it is a lack of color. We are highly limited in all those bright tints that make us feel happy. Only a black-and-white color palette is before our eyes everywhere.

However, it’s not a big problem if you know what to do to make your life and your looks more colorful. You may want to choose brighter garments or footwear, or jewelry but there is one more way to create a vital atmosphere – to apply nice make-up. This post is about make up trends for this winter. Follow them and remain beautiful in any weather!

1. Red lips.

They are bright, hot and sexy. We all like red when it comes to clothes but sometimes feel shy putting a red lipstick on. Don’t feel shy, it’s your time to look hot!

Christina Aguilera red lips

2. Gold Smokey Eyes.

golden eye shadow

A nice decision when you want something warm and tender. You may look mysterious and so much feminine!

3. Silver eye shadow.

silver eyes

Well, silver eye shadow is always in vogue and you may use it whenever you want but feel free to experiment with tones.

4. Dramatic long lashes.

long eyelashes

Yeah! It’s something we like so much – luxurious eyelashes, soft look – what can be more tempting?

5. Charcoal eye shadow.

charcoal eyelashes

When you want to look terrific at a party, or performing on a stage, or just wish to accentuate your eyes, charcoal eye shadow is the best choice!

Well, girls, now you know what is top trendy this season. Go ahead and be the best!

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