Make up Trends for Spring/Summer 2009

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Each season designers create something new for us to make our looks fresher. Despite the fact springtime beauty is still months away, the beauty trends from the runway have already started to make their way into stores.

make up

This time the trends are very feminine!

Gone are the heavy eyebrows and the scarlet lips. The hottest makeup trends for Spring/Summer 2009 involve extremely long false eyelashes, flawless foundation, soft, smokey eyes and very light and very natural lips.

Your Eyes

No thick, heavy eyebrows anymore. Eyebrows for spring are much softer and more natural. Beauty experts even recommend letting brows grow out and then only trimming the unruly hair, sweeping the rest naturally toward the temple.

Eyelashes should be as long and luscious as possible no matter whether they are real or false.

Fake eyelashes

Fake lashes longer than your real ones can be the perfect choice for this spring as they add an ethereal sense of fantasy – so much loved by designers in this season.

Say goodbye to harsh black liquid liner.

Violet eyeliner has been promoted to create a soft, smokey eye that compliments every skin tone.

violet eyeliner

Fall’s classic smoky eyes – created with a combination of black liner and dark shadow – are still with us and paired with nude lips and bare skin.

soft smokey eyes

However, such a dark tone is no longer as popular as before. What we see more is the smokey eye that is softer than ever.

Light grays, blues, and most notably purples are used to create the spring look.

Your Face

Perfect skin is always in fashion, but spring season is all about making skin look like it has barely been touched. It is done to emphasize beautiful eye makeup or strong lip makeup.

glowing skin

Your skin should look hydrated and as if it is glowing from within. Illuminating powder is the best choice to highlight under the eye and along the neck line and shoulders.

If we talk about blush, the most favorable tints for the spring are: soft peaches, roses, and pastel plums.

Opt for sheer and lightweight textures to ensure the glow is coming from within. Gone are bronzers and heavy browns.

Your Lips

Nude and pale lipstick works best in spring. Lip gloss is a possible decision either when it is used just to add shine. Glitter, sparkles, and heavy pigment are no longer in style.

Light lip gloss

As you see all the spring trends are focused on the girl’s natural beauty and perfection.

Spring and Summer is the time of the year when everything is very soft and tender, keep your make-up close to that and you’ll be in the wave!

nude lipstick

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Mona Liz

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