Make Up Trends Fall – Winter 2009/2010

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Trendy means trendy! Fall-Winter 2009/2010 dictates its own outerwear, hair and make up trends. Make up is something that characterizes our nature and preferences.


But if one wants to follow vogue tendencies every season, here they are! Make up F-W 2009/2010 designers’ vision we are to walk through the season.

Shining or Matt Skin

What skin to choose this season? First of all it should be mentioned that matt skin is extremely popular according to the runway F/W 2009/10.

Emanuel Ungaro and Marc Jacobs offer us to pay attention to matt face skin that looks predominantly as a background for the principle face distinctions – eyes and cheeks.


Skin paleness is welcomed as well as its natural tints. Let it be smooth and clear so that the make up could astonish with fashionable looks.

Contrary to the previous Spring-Summer 2009 season, it is supposed to be rarely shining.

Rosy Cheeks

Autumn – Winter 2009/2010 make up trends for cheeks vary from pink, pink-blue to natural-tan hues.

 Make Up Trends Fall – Winter 2009-20101

Your blush should match either your eyes or your lips. But in any case the cheeks should be emphasized.

Rolling-in-purple-glimmer Eyes

There’ll be two extremes for the eyes: smoky-smoky and almost naked ones. Bright colors fit paleness.

The emphasis lay more on the eye shadowing then on the long eyelashes.

Taylor Smoky Eyes

No fake eyelashes this season as they are compensated by the shaded dark pencil at the out corner of the eye line.

Anne Hathaway

Thick black and brown eyebrows are a make up trend for A/W 2009-2010. They brightly contour the eye shadow.

Some designers present almost colorless skin-tinted eyebrows.

Innocent Lips

Tenderness and innocence of lips’ color palette range from slightly pink, violet, fuchsia to extremely pale, almost skin-fitting-hue.

Steer clear of lip glosses. Your lips should be decorated with matt lipstick. This will allow laying more stress on the eyes.

 Make Up Trends Fall – Winter 2009-2010

Red lips don’t stay overboard eight. They go so well with classic modest and temperate make up.

Take into consideration the fact that the world famous brands are involved into the Twilight saga make up bloody lipsticks creation.


Fall-Winter 2009/2010 make up vogue mixes up colorless eyes and bright lips, glam eyes and pale lips supplemented with cheeks and eyebrows hues. It’s high time we tested it and took the one matching exactly your type. Go ahead, ladies!

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10 Responses to “Make Up Trends Fall – Winter 2009/2010”
  1. Kayley Says:

    Hi. These looks, you expect people to wear those looks? Keep it simple.

  2. evie Says:

    KAYLEY, i think you have got the completely wrong idea, these are not looks for you to wear whenever, although many will, but inspiration to make your own looks. For example, high fashion is not something you would necessarily wear, but the clothes you are wearing now are someones reinterpretations of those high fashion ‘non-wearable’ clothes. The same goes for makeup.

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Snowy Says:

    This are all very cool and nice looks but honestly they are more suit to the runway not really for everyday wear. Makeup trends shldn’t be followed just blindly but more important is whether is the color or the looks suits ur skin, personality and the occassion u are wearing it for.

  5. digreez Says:

    Wery best! cool

  6. schminken anleitung Says:

    This really helped me to improve my make up. People are always complimenting it. I did’t really know how to create a good make up before reading this article.

  7. Wendi Says:

    I’m loving the Matte face look! As an oily-skin girl, I’m happy to wave goodbye to that “dewy” look that just doesn’t work for me. I’ve been trying out some new products to get ready for fall. Am loving the new Stila Smudge Stick liners – they’re great for creating that dramatic deep set eye, and are really long lasting. I pair the liner called Lionfish with a shadow called Woodland Fairy by Mattify Cosmetics (both are brown with hints of gold). It looks AWESOME! And isn’t as deep of a smokey eye as black – so you can wear it for a daytime look. Mattify also has a great matte face powder that keeps shine away, called Mattify Loose Powder. These are going to be my staples for Fall 2010 makeup!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I’m not sure why people are saying these looks are “un-wearable” (with maybe the exception of the girl with pink shadow striped under the brow bone). All the others look gorgeous, and will be a great look for this season! Stila Cosmetics makes a great liner called Smudge Stick, it even works to line the inner rims. And, if you want that perfectly matte face, try Mattify! Cosmetics Mattify Loose Powder Ultra. It keeps even oily skin matte.

  9. annonymous Says:

    i love wearing red lipstick but im not to sure what colour skin and blusher i should go for which match it any ideas?

  10. Alexia Says:

    I suck at dark eyeshadows. It’s really easy to mess up. I don’t have full lips so I don’t bother dramatizing my lips. I like bare, neutral looks. I think it’s appropriate for an everyday 17-year old. Thanks for the ideas…

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