Make Up Tips From Megan Fox

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The Hollywod starlet and one of the world sexiest women, Megan Fox is the example for imitation for lots of us. Her plump lips and adorable eyes are beyond the comments. The thing is that the Transformers star has her own beauty secrets just like every woman but here she wants to share the tips to open the gates for everyone who wants to look like her.

Make Up Tips From Megan Fox1

Here are the make up tips from Megan Fox.

1. To conceal dark circles apply a light reflecting yellow-based concealer. Chose a bit lighter hue than your own skin color.

2. Mix a shimmery white or soft gold eye shadow and apply it in the area between the lash line and eyebrow.

3. Then put a smoky charcoal shadow to add depth to the crease.

Make Up Tips From Megan Fox

4. Cat-shaped eyes of the starlet you can get by applying a black liquid liner to the upper lash line in one continuous motion sloping the line upward and extending it a few millimeters beyond the outer corner of the eye in Cleopatra fashion.

5. When Megan wants to play with bright make up colors, she calls for boldly colored eyeliner along the upper or lower lashes. But not both!

6. Before you apply mascara, get your lashes ready with an eyelash curler and glue a few individual lashes to the outer corners of each eye.

7. To spotlight your eyes like Megan does, you don’t need to raven your hair or put on the contact blue lenses to get this contrast look. All you have to do is to use brow powder or pencil paired with Anastasia’s high arch brow stencil to arch the brows that look so playfully and alluring on the sex idol.

Make Up Tips From Megan Fox2

8. No need to sculpt your cheekbones exactly on the lines Miss Fox does, as far as you should probably do it according to you own face shape. A slight touch of highlighter powder or cream applied to the cheekbones zone will complete your so-so-sexy appearance.

9. Tattoos are not to be drawn for the whole life but colored in henna or a stick-on variety.

10. The lipstick should be of either natural tint or scarlet one.

In fact it’s pretty easy to look like Megan because she likes trying something new by her nature, so if you are the same then you’re already one step close to your dream look.

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3 Responses to “Make Up Tips From Megan Fox”
  1. alex Says:


    Te casarìas conmigo dime tu mail y te digo todo sobre mi y dice mi hermana que le encanta tu look y que como le haces para tener bubis perfectos y buenas pompis y cadera ai mamita es guapisisisisisima ! y tus bubis me encantan me dan ganas de tocarlos besarlos lentamente tu pompis tocarlos y disfrutarlos mientras los toco huy huy huy…

  2. marta Says:

    A mi tambien. me encantaa la article y Megan Fox!

  3. lippen schminken Says:

    I will try these make up tips and we will see if it will improve. I hope it will help me to finally find a great boyfriend and make more friends.

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