Make Up for Women Who Wear Glasses

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If you wear glasses you might know that your eyes can be hidden behind them. It is very easy to handle with this problem with the help of make-up.

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But don’t think that the more make-up you use the better. Your entire look may be spoilt if you use too much or too little of it. Some prefer not to use make-up at all. This is not good either.

First of all I would like to recommend you to apply make-up to your whole face, not just your eyes and lips. Pay particular attention to your eyebrows. Make sure they are regularly trimmed and plucked.

Depending on the type of your lenses you need to vary the amount and color palette of your make-up. For instance, lenses for shortsighted glass wearers tend to make eyes look smaller behind the glasses.

Thus, to prevent the effect of small eyes use an eyeliner to line your upper and lower lids so that your eyes can “expand”. Always curl and apply a coat of mascara on your eyelashes. It’s good to use colored eye shadows in pink or blue shade or some light tones to make the eyes appear bigger.

If your eyes look round you can apply stronger eye make-up close to eyelashes. For more seductive look add a little bit highlighter below the eyebrows to emphasize your eyes. White and flickering tones make a good enlarging effect.

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In case you are a longsighted glass wearer be aware of the fact your lenses make eyes look bigger. To reduce the effect apply eye shadow that is close to the color of your skin tone. Opt for nude mat shades – beige, brown, grey, soft pink. If you choose to add eyeliner choose for the same shade as your iris – the effect will be striking. The line should be very even as any imperfections will be clearly seen through the lenses. Mascara is a must, but don’t overdo. One layer is usually enough.

Women who suffer from astigmatism can use stronger make-up. Apply eye pencil to the upper lids and blend carefully. Apply eye shadows in shade that matches your eye color. Avoid using graying, bluish or greenish shades as they make your look too “sharp”. A great end of your make-up will be applying volume mascara and lip gloss.

When wearing glasses be careful about using long lash mascara. Avoid your eyelashes touch the glasses otherwise the mascara will fall straight into your eyes and under the lids making shadows under the eyes.

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