Make up For Various Face Types

It is impossible to make your face pretty using makeup without knowing own facial type and finding the appropriate makeup technique. In this article you will find out what shape your face has and learn how to emphasize your best features and hide the worst with the help of makeup.

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Take a careful look at your face and define what facial structure it has with our description of various facial shapes. It will help you to efficiently use makeup that will outline your best features and hide the worst.

Oval shape

This shape is considered to be ideal. This face is characterized by balanced features. This facial type doesn’t need any correction make over or special hair-style in order to improve the look. so, the main reason to wear makeup for women with an oval shape is restoring the natural beauty.
Form your eyebrows in the natural arch. While applying lip color on the lower lip, don’t forget to outline it for a fuller lips effect. Apply blush in certain trajectory- in a “C” shape, blend it thoroughly and direct them to the outer corner of the eyes.

Diamond shape

This face shape is defined by the slim forehead and chin and wide cheek bones. In order to correct the shape and make the face look close to oval form, you have to visually reduce the width of the cheeks using a foundation of darker shade to the external part of cheekbones and lengthen it towards the outer corner of the eyes. And as for chin and a forehead, apply a foundation of lighter shade in order to reach in impression of the width.
While shaping the eyebrows, avoid keeping them close to each other, instead keep them slightly apart following the natural arch. Don’t tend to use bright lipsticks, rather of natural colors.

Heart shape

The wide forehead and a slender chin are the major signs of the heart shaped face. In this case makeup is supposed to widen the chin and reduce the width of the forehead.
You can reach chin broadening by applying a foundation of light shades while for the forehead use a darker foundation. Keep your eyebrows thick and straight and follow the natural arch, but don’t place them too close to each other. You may use lipsticks of any color. In order to create illusion of width, you may use a high lighter on the center of the forehead and on the sides of cheeks. Putting blushes on the upper cheeks will give your face an attractive appearance.

Round shape

Round face is the easiest one to define. It is characterized by the approximately equal proportion of face width and length. The makeup will have a function of lengthening the face and giving it a more oval shape.
Just like with diamond shape, apply a foundation of darker shades on the sides of the face to the jaw line and beneath the cheeks. While using the blush, apply it on cheeks in order to make them look slender and blend all the way towards the temples. When putting on makeup on eyes and brows, go for a fuller and intensive look.

Square shape

The square face is a combination of a straight forehead with a square jaw. You need some extra skills and efforts in order to apply makeup on such face. The main idea behind the makeup is to soften the edges and give the face a tender look.
Apply a dark foundation on the temples, jaw line and sides of the face. This way you will shrink the width of the face. In addition, blend the blushes towards the jaw line for a more lengthening effect. Eyebrows of a round shapes can also help to alleviate the look. And the final element- a lipstick for a fuller lips effect.

Long shape

Long face has a stretched form with a bit hollow cheeks. So the main objective is making a face look fuller and wider with the help of makeup.
Leave your eyebrows a little bit thick in order to shrink the length of the face. Keep the eye makeup intensive by accentuating the eyes and making the visually bigger. Put on an eye liner from the center of the lid stretching it to the outer corners. Use the lip colors in order to give lips a fuller effect. Apply the blushes under the minimum degree: make sure it doesn’t go over the outer corner of the eyes and beneath the tip of the nose. Apply foundation of lighter shades on the sides of the face and a darker one on the chin and forehead area.

Pear shape

I bet you haven’t heard before of such facial type, but it does exist. You can identify the pear face by the slim forehead, relatively broad jaw line and the chin area. Again, this won’t be easy to give a pear face a more proper shape. The main task is lengthening the face in the lower part and widening it at the top.
Shape your eyebrows by lighting the arch on the outer ends. Blend the blushes down towards the jaw line. In order to reach a slender look use the foundation of darker shades on the sides of the jaw.

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