Make Up For Photoshoot

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Grease, too pale skin, thin split of eyes, bruises under the eyes… “Do I really look like this?” – ask women anxiously examining their amateur photos of the family occasions. If you are going to some event where the picts are expected to be done, follow our rules of make up for the photoshoots and you’ll always be satisfied with yourself there.

Make Up For Photoshoot

Pay your attention that these rules don’t do for the professional stage session, where the special one is needed.

So, how to makeup for the photos?

  • Every make-up looks much paler than in reality. The photoflash of the amateur camera and studio lighting eat up the half of the colors. That’s why you have to makeup brighter than you’ve got used to.

Make Up For Photoshoot3

  • Pay a thorough attention to the face skin tone. Mask all the skin shortcomings (under-the-eyes-bruises, pimples, redness and so on) with a help of the conсealer and then apply the foundation onto the face and neck and decollete area if you’ll be in an open gown.
  • If your ears can turn red, don’t forget to put on the foundation onto them as well, otherwise they’ll stand out significantly.

  • Face skin often shines because of the photoflash, thus you should apply a powder giving the preference to the crumbly powder that mattes the skin better than the compact one.
  • Apply the bronze-a-bit-shimmering powder onto the decollete zone and shoulders. It’ll give your skin brightness.
  • Make your face sculptural so that it doesn’t look plain on the photo: shade your cheekbones with a darkened powder or matte beige-brown tinted blush. Mark out the nose wings and chin line so that they look clear.
  • With the help of the powder or blush of the neutral hue you can shorten a too long nose visually shading its tip and narrow the face shading the cheeks.
  • Give your skin a natural freshness with blush of the bright sparkling tints applying them onto the cheek “apples”, forehead and temples.

Make Up For Photoshoot4

  • Pay huge attention to the eye brows emphasizing them with shadows or a pencil chiming in with the color your hair or two tones darker if your own brows color is much lighter.
  • The best palette for the eyes is the natural hues: beige, brown, smoky-grey, grey-violet, Champaign color, baked milk and ivory yellow. Stay away from the too bright, dark and acid colors that look awful on the picts. The perfect one is the texture with a soft satin gloss bringing the eyes some radiance.
  • At first mark out the contour of the eyelids with a pencil that you should shade a bit. The smoky effect won’t let your eyes disappear on the photo.
  • Apply the shadow of the neutral hue above the shaded pencil and add a mother-of-pearl shadows on the inner corners of the eyes and under-the-eyebrows line. Shade it well otherwise the contour will be seen under the photoflash effect.
  • To make your eyes look bigger, use a soft pencil of the light hue applying it onto the line of the inner eyelid.
  • Mascara the eyelashes lavishly. It’s almost impossible to overdo with it for the photoshoot makeup.

Make Up For Photoshoot2

  • Accentuate the lips contour otherwise they’ll be unclear. To make them look plumper, use a light-beige pencil.
  • Choose a lipstick of refreshing tints: peach, light-corral, pink or berry hues. Stay away from too dark, too pale and unnatural acid colors.
  • Put on a glossy moistening lipstick with a brush that looks much striking on the photo and doesn’t stress the chaps on the lips. Also you can apply some gloss onto the center of the lips.

What you should steer clear of making up for the photo sessions?

  • Too pale tints of foundation, blush, powder that will bring you a vampire look.
  • Sparkling lip gloss as it can behave unpredictably on the photo.
  • Dry and matte lipsticks that make the lips look old and thin.
  • Any contrast color compositions.

Make Up For Photoshoot1

Dependence of makeup on different kinds of photoshoot.

  • Digital pict has a peculiarity to strengthen the pink color, that’s why opt for yellowing hues neutralizing the possible redness.
  • Daylight photo is the most merciless: it will depict all the shortcomings of the skin and makeup mistakes. Minimal makeup is the most appropriate. Mask all the problem zones with the consealer thoroughly, use the warm palette and shade the makeup well.
  • Prepare for the evening and black-and-white picts accentuating the face contours: cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin. Mark out the eyes and brows as bright as possible. Stay away from the red lipstick as it might look black on the photos.

Knowing these tips you’ll be always in the right focus!

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