Make up for Green Eyes

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Make up for green eyes is very easy. Green is a color that goes well with lots of other hues and with a bit of experience and knowledge you can make your eyes look perfect.

The beauty of green eyes is easy to highlight with the help of eye shadows. The tips you’ll find in this post are almost universal for green-eyed ladies but there are no rules without exceptions. That is why we recommend you to try all the tones available and those which you like best to find the ones that really complement your eyes.

make up for green eyes

Choosing the eye shadow

Try all shades of brown, especially the chocolate one. Brown and dark-green tones with coppers and gold shades work great for green eyes.

Peach-toned and grey eye shadows will look good as foundation for deeper and darker hues.

Dark-violets, plums and metallics will look nice on green eyes. Copper and gold shadows will be ideal for an evening out.

Big No for green eyes

To be able to create the most flattering makeup one should be aware of all the best and all the worst color shadows for green eyes.

Stay away from blues. Any tone of blue will make green eyes look bad.

Pink is not a very good option for green eyes. The problem is that some pinks look marvelous with green eyes while others are terrible. Only trying them for yourself can determine whether pink is good for you or bad.

Silver tones which look fabulous on blue eyes do look horrible for green eyes.

The color of an eyeliner

Black eyeliner is not the most appropriate choice if only you don’t love it so much that can’t refuse using it anyway. Instead of black try grey or chocolate eyeliner. To make your eyes pop apply white or gold eyeliner.

Generally speaking, when you choose the colors for eye makeup opt for warmer tones rather than old ones.

A sample makeup technique

The technique of makeup application depends much on the tones you have chosen and the event you are going to attend.

For a daywear makeup you can do the following:

1. Apply light or shining foundation all over the upper eyelid, up to the brow line.

2. Then apply peach-toned or brown-grey eye shadows, smudge thoroughly.

3. Apply eye shadows of a darker hue (chocolate, dark-green, copper, etc) starting from the middle part of the lid, from the lash line and go up to the outer corner of the eye. Smudge thoroughly.

4. Use the eyeliner and mascara your lashes.

That is all, you are ready for a walk out! Good luck!

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