Make Up for Fall Colortype Skin Woman

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After you’ve determined your skin color type, you are free to choose the tints of the clothes, make up and hair matching you. And on the contrary, you can easily avoid the hues that make you look ugly.

Well, I’ve got to tell it like it is. Let’s choose the make up to match the color of Fall skin type.


Foundation Colors

Use: peach tints brightening the skin.

Keep off: pink hues bringing unhealthy painless of blue tints.

Toners and Masking Beauty Aids

Use: to mask the under-eye bruises apply the perfect yellowish concealer, and warm beige and bronze hues for the tanned skin colors.

Keep off: pink and cold tints with grayish play of colours.



Use: everyday transparent colorless powder goes well to the light-colored skin women and light-beige to the tanned ladies; golden shimmering goes for the special evenings make up.

Keep off: dark-brown that roughens the tender skin hues.


Use: apricot and salmon-pink tints for the light-skinned women and brown-golden, terra-cotta and light-coral-red for the tanned representatives of this color skin type.

Keep off: acid-pink hues.

Eyelid Shadows

Use: bright eyes of Autumn seem to be more sparkling due to the shadows of saturated emerald green, violet, golden and shining bronze tints; peach, lavender, brown, warm-beige and copper-brown colors.

Keep off: pastel shades of the cool gamut.



Use: brown, violet, dark-green, khaki and black-brown for the most “dramatic” look; golden and peach eyeliner for the inner eyelid.

Keep off: silver, grey-blue.


Use: brown, black-green, black-violet.

Keep off: dark blue, blue.

Eyebrows Hues

Use: warm palette of brown hues with some redness.

Keep off: ash grey, beige and black ones.


Lips Colors

Use: all the warm gamut of beige tints, bronze-red, coral-red, red-ripe tomato, red-aubergine, orange-red, reddish-yellow and close to the cool palette – red-cherry color.

Keep off: light-pink, fuchsia, pink-lilac tints.


Fall skin color type women can have the most brave and even catchy make up. Just make a note that you should stress either eyes or lips. For example, glimmering bronze eye shadows with intensive black eyeliner and light-apricot lips (it’s a Fall-Winter 2009/2010 trend). Or visa versa, salmon hue shadows and cherry lips.

Moreover, only your skin color type matches orange color. So, don’t be shy to have it on!

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  1. Tavia Says:

    I don’t care…I just love Eva Longoria…I’m kidding, but she always have such a perfect makeup. I love her style.

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