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It’s not a secret that career girls spend most part of time at work, that’s why it’s very important for them to look excellent in the office. But what do we know about office-style make-up?

business woman

What corresponds to accepted canons and reflects femininity and personality?

Read the information below to find out.

First of all let’s speak about general business make-up canons.

business-woman make-up

• Business make-up has to be expressive, but reserved.

• Cosmetics should emphasize your merits and hide imperfections.

• Makeup and clothes have to harmonize with each other and talk about your personality. Compatibility of your image elements shows your taste.

• Ideal business make-up should have an element of reticence, everything is half-toned.

• Too thorough make-up says that you are more particular about your looks, than business matters.

Bright tones tend to distract your interlocutor. Carelessness is not good either.

And now we’ll talk about the steps of creating perfect business make up.

1. Application of base. The best thing is to use cream that you skin got accustomed to. A moisturizing day cream is a good option. You may want creamy tonics “2 in 1″ that are pretty comfortable as they both refresh skin and create a good foundation to apply tone. What you get from applying them is comfort, functionality and time saving.

2. Application of make-up foundation.

The “mask” effect is horrible. To avoid it, use foundation of two tones: one tone lighter your skin, another tone darker your skin. Apply darker tone to hide defects, and lighter one to accentuate your merits. The mix of this kind will make your skin smooth and tone will look natural.

Make-up foundations can “change” your face contours if you want that. For instance, to make your face look longer and create “leanness” effect, apply darker tone on cheek-bones, and lighter one – on chin and upper part of forehead.

3. Eyebrows. My advice is to shape your eyebrows beforehand, in the evening. Don’t make them too short or too long. Eyebrow should begin above inner eye corner and finish behind external corner. Steer clear of using black eye-brow pencil, opt for special brown pencils.

4. Application of shadows, penciling. Apply light tones on inner eye corner and under eye-brows. Then use apricot, brick-red or light-pink tone on light shadows. Shadows can be of any color, suitable for your type, but remember that the tone should be light, delicate or subdued. If you can, use shading technique.

Then use pencil, suitable for your eye color. For brown eyes – brown pencil, grey and dark-blue eyes – black pencil. But prefer grey tone for business make-up, not black one.

Otherwise you run risk making lines too bright. Besides, grey liner’s half-tone will better harmonize with shadows.

5. Application of mascara. This should be the last touch for eye make-up. And here comes the choice of mascara. It’s up to you to decide which effect is the most important for you: lengthening or volumetric, or curly. When you’ve made up your mind apply one coat, then another – and length is guaranteed.

If you want to apply two coats, after first coat you need to powder tips of eyelashes slightly, and only after this apply another coat. It will make the mascara last longer.

6. Final touches. Apply rouge on cheeks, chin, tip of nose and forehead. The tone should correspond to shadows tone.

When selecting a lipstick, prefer soft tones: cream, caramel, brown or coral. Opt for the most delicious and delicate tones. Ideally, lipstick should be water-proof and long-lasting.

red lipstick

And the very last thing you should do is use perfume. Light, fresh, unobtrusive scent is the best for office.
Following these simple steps you will achieve the look a real businesswoman should have: strict, feminine and a bit sexy!

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