Make Up Betrays Secret Of Your Character

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Everyone knows the phrase “a man is known by the company he keeps”. But do you know that a woman is known by the make up she has on? It’s interesting to distinguish the make-up patterns and know which character features they indicate.


No make-up

Some women don’t use make up at all! Of course they have their own reasons for that (allergy, skin ailments and etc.). But if the non-make-up decision is taken without any apparent reason, it shows the low self-esteem. Such women are not strong advocates of femininity and rarely watch themselves.

The reasons: laziness, lack of time for me-sweety (it’s widespread among the mothers). A lot depends on the surrounding and woman’s education. Women working in men teams sometimes forget about the “coquette inside of her” and use men deodorants, perfume.


Feminism can also be a reason for non-make-up. The desire to be on the same level with men forces women to reject make-up completely. Their main and basic life position is career, as a rule. Self-absorbed women steer clear of mascara and lipstick either, as they are sure that the whole world is concentrated around them and there is no need to look nice.

Women whose principle is “I am what I am!” don’t show up any interest in cosmetics as well. They are the supporters of natural life style and believe that they should be honest with others, thus not embellishing their appearance.

Barely seen, natural make up

Such women wear slightly seen make-up not because they like it, but because it’s an accepted rule. It looks as if they meet the wishes of the society. They are pretty enough with mascara, lip gloss, and sometimes an eye liner.


You won’t be able to find a single passionate lady-killer among them. They don’t like to ‘dance on the floor, in the round’. They catch men’s attention using their brains and personal-relation tactics and even ruses.

Bright make up

Women who choose this kind of make up have some reasons to prefer the war paint. Some of them hide their natural unattractiveness under this sort of make-up, others – private life problems. Women, who have turned for the bright makeup dramatically, feel some uneasiness and are subjects of spirit drops frequently, according to psychologists.


It happens very often that women rush to change their lives radically and they start from, yes indeed – make-up. Perhaps they subconsciously want to attract attention of people around them to their personal problems.

Make-up capturing an hour and more

“Narcissus syndrome” is a disease of self-loving people, who simply can’t tare their eyes from their own inimitable mirror reflection. They apply cosmetics longing to achieve an ideal. Women-Narcissuses are defiantly perfectionists.


The same everyday make up

Women wearing the same color of lipstick and eye shadows don’t like changes. They are devotees of classic: they had found “their own zest” in their youth and refuse to take changes since then categorically.

These women have the same face image no matter whether they go to the opera house or a subway. Don’t even try to present them some other blush tint, you’ll spend your money in vain.


Professional make up from stylist

Make-up guru’s service is used by fickle women, who adore presents, surprises and everything of that kind. But outward glam sparkling appearance hides doubtful insecure personality very often. Only a professional can help them.

The whole point is that the only fact of ace work provides them with the guarantee of high quality no matter if he does something wrong or right. Uniqueness, style, big brand – are the basic authorities proving their stunning looks.


Eye accent

These women are super attentive, observant and are great listeners. At least, they want to make an impression of being like that. They can see through a person, while concealing their own feelings and emotions.


Lips accent

Women marking out their lips are sentimental, sensitive and sociable mainly. There are lots of coquettes among them, but those love to chatter about themselves even more.


No doubts that during the life you can change you make up style, give up doing it at all or visa versa. It indicates life changes, new character features that emerged due to the life experience.

Your tastes can differ even within a year. It’s important to know what changes are blown by the fashion industry and what are close to your heart and nature.

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