Magic, Mirth & Mischief Collection

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Magic Mirth & Mischief Collection

MAC Cosmetics have released a new collection of makeup products named Magic, Mirth & Mischief. I guess it will be a perfect addition to your cosmetics bag before winter holidays.

MAC cosmetics

The whole line is bright and sparkling. Let’s see what the company offers us.

Blush. There are two tones: coral and plum.

MAC blush

Eye shadows. The eye shadows come in a set of two colors, prefect for combining with each other.  One can find warm and cold tints, bright and more reserved ones.

MAC eye shadows

Soft eye liner. Available in two colors: black with silver pearl and violet with silver pearl.

Mascara makes your lashes more expressive.

MAC eye liner mascara

Lip gloss comes in 6 tones but is divided into two groups: transparent gloss and gloss with sparkling inclusions.

MAC lip gloss

Lipstick. There are four fantastic hues to flatter your lips: rosy, fuhsia, peach and pink berry.

MAC lipstick

Nail polish is represented in two fabulous tints: metallic silver and metallic blue pink.

MAC nail polish

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