Madonna Uses Diamonds for Makeup

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Being 50 years old Madonna looks gorgeous for her age. When she is on the stage everyone is just fascinated with her appearance. What makes her look so great?

I mean what makes her face look so special?


Now we know the answer. It’s her new makeup. The makeup secrets have been revealed by the singer’s makeup artist, Shu Uemura Artistic Director Gina Brooke.

The woman says Madonna’s face looks so fantastic due to the fact she applies a mixture of white shadow and flawless, crushed rose-cut diamonds on the artist’s eyelids and then accents the look with another two carats of small diamond pieces affixed to her brow bones.

The resulting brightness and glow from Madonna’s eyes captivate the audience and reinforces the fact that there are always new possibilities with makeup — and no rules,” Gina Brooke says.

So, what do you think about this? The new makeup invention does miracles to the singer but it costs a lot too. If you have diamonds to spare this way, why not?

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.
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2 Responses to “Madonna Uses Diamonds for Makeup”
  1. make-up artist Says:

    Ha, I want some of that make up!

  2. fashionista Says:

    put me down for some too! :D she is so sexy looking!

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