MAC “Guilty Passions” for Holiday 2012

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MAC released another make up line for the Holiday 2012 season, “Guilty Passions”, accenting the fabulous colors and shades!

“Guilty Passions” for Chrismtams 2012

MAC released already third in line make up collection for this Christmas 2012 season! Each collection is making focus on certain aspects of female beauty: gentle, natural, hip, glamorous – you name it! Yet, the “Guilty Passions” as the name suggests has a lot to offer for the glam chic to shine this Holiday season. The new MAC line “Guilty Passions” will be available in November with a fixed price of 32.50 $ per set for any item.

The collection offers mini kits that would make you look stunning, and very stylish. The whole set includes:
1. MAC Guilty Passions Tenderly Warm Crushed Metallic Pigments available in several combinations: Silk Stocking – beige, Darling Coquette – soft beige frost, Dreamy Little Thing – rose with copper sparkle, Ever Elegant – copper frostypes;
2. MAC Guilty Passions Sweetly Smoky Crushed Metallic Pigments available in Femininity – cool pink frost, Maribu – lilac frost, Prettified – mauvey frost, Dusty Desire – rich purple frost;
3. MAC Guilty Passions Brilliantly Cool Crushed Metallic Pigments available in: She’s Got Class – silver frost, Spruced – teal frost, Moss Garden – light green blue frost, I’ve Got a Crush on You – browned teal frost;
4. MAC Guilty Passions Nicely Nude Lipgloss available in Fashion Whim – light beige (creme), Satin Slip – soft beige with gold pearl (creme), Get Rich Quick – warm yellow brown (dazzle), Kiss Don’t Tell – warm chocolate creme(cremesheen);
5. MAC Guilty Passions Cocktail Coral Lipgloss Set available in On the Scene – peach with pink and white pearl (cremesheen), Steppin’ Out – clean yellow pink with red pearl (dazzle), Sublime Shine – light coral brown with gold pearl (creme), Geo Pink – strawberry pink (cremesheen).
6. MAC Guilty Passions Lavish Rose Lip Gloss Set in Demure – warm pink with blue pearl (creme), Going Casual – sheer lilac (cremesheen), Boys Go Crazy – deep amethyst (dazzle), Colour Saturation – deep wine (cremesheen).

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