Look Like a Queen on the Valentine’s Day

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What do you expect from the Valentine’s Day? The day of love, kisses and hugs? I can tell you that I really want to look amazing, though I know that my darling is mine only, but I want to be sure that he won’t be able to turn his eyes from me. So, here are my tips to makeup gorgeously and innocently at the same time.

Make Up in Valentines Day2

  • After skin nourishing, apply the corrector under the eyes and onto the inner eye corners. Thin layer of corrector on the upper eyelids will be a good foundation for eye shadows to keep them on longer and soother.

Make Up in Valentines Day

  • Use the foundation color that matches your skin color best. Shade it with your fingertips. Choose pink or peach hues blush – depending on your skin color of course. Those who have round face shape, apply blush onto the center of the cheeks, and those with long (or oblong) face – onto the cheekbones. If you want your make up to look natural and sparkling, use blush with light-reflecting sparkles.
  • Apply the beaming shadows of golden-peach or beige tints along the lashes line. To add some glam chic, brush slightly the inner eye corner with light shadows.

Make Up in Valentines Day4

  • Apply dark-tinted matte shadows onto the outer eye corners.
  • Apply light eye shadows (the first hue) under the brow along the eye.

  • Choose eyeliner of dark-chocolate or black-brown colors. Contour the thin line on the upper eye lid. Now make it a bit a bit thicker from the center to the outer eye corner to make the eye look bigger.

Make Up in Valentines Day3

  • Shape your brows and pencil them if necessary.
  • Mascara your lashes in two or three layers.
  • To soften your lips, rub them with your tooth brush and then put onto them a bit of oily balm and don’t touch them at least for 30 min.

Make Up in Valentines Day1

  • Choose the lip pencil and lipstick of the pink or peach-beige hues. Control if it fits the blush color. Apply the first layer and then blot them. And apply the second one.

You are the true queen of the day!

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