Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

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Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

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Lipstick is a hit trend of the past few seasons. It is an accents, an accessory to the look even the outfit. But there is an array of lip products that give different amount of color to the lips and have different texture and finish. So here are some of the main types of lipstick that are out there and the ways to wear each of them. Choose your favorite texture and finish.

Main Types Of Lipstick:

Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

Sheer  Lipstick

Sheer lipstick has a low-pigmented formula so rather than painting the lips different color it simply adds just a tinge to the natural lip color. Sheer lipstick can be used instead of lip balm for its moisturizing qualities and enhance the natural color of the lips or add a different tint to it. It is also a great alternative to those who doesn’t favor glosses or full-coverage lipsticks. There are no wrong ways of wearing sheer lipstick. Just find the color that suits you most.

Satin Lipstick

Satin lipstick is similar to the sheer lipstick as it has a hydrating formula and is not well-pigmented adding only a bit of color rather than full coverage.

Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

Cream Lipstick

Cream lipstick will give you most coverage and will look a bit glossy or dewy. Creame lipstick is a great way to add a pop of color to the look as they can be highly pigmented. Cream lipsticks are best worn with lip liner of natural or same color as the lipstick. The lip liner will prevent the lipstick from bleeding and can also act as primer for long-wearing effect. Be careful when choosing cream lipstick as its color should suit your skin tone and undertones. Apply with a lip brush to control the coverage and color intensity. Work your way with the brush from the middle of the lip to the borders.

Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is one that has matte finish. It doesn’t shine and is completely gloss-free. It is also hard to pull off as matte texture can make lips look caked and show off the wrinkles. Matte lipstick can also make the lips look thinner especially in bright and dark colors so it’s important to choose the right color when buying one. Many matte lipsticks dry out the lips. To make it work you can moisturize lips prior to lipstick application with some hydrating lip balm. Once it sets in, start applying the matte lipstick from the center of the lip to the borders. Adding gloss over matte lipstick will take away the matte finish so try to find one with a non-drying formula.

Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

Shine Lipstick

Shine lipstick is infused with tiny sparkles that reflect light and make the lips look glossy. Thanks to the glossy finish lips look luschious and plump. To wear it choose the right color and apply to prepared lips. Avoid applying shine or any lipstick on chapped lips as all the cracks and chapped skin will show on the lips. Gently exfoliate the lips with lip scrub and hydrate with lip balm. If lips are cracked and bleed avoid using lipstick altogether and let them heal.

Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

Frosty Lipstick

Frosty lipstick, also known as pearlescent lipstick has been very popular in the 80’s but now can be considered outdated. Nevertheless some celebs like Rihanna have sported pealescent lipstick and managed to pull it off. The main challenge with the frosty lipstick is the finish itself. When generously applied frosty lipstick can simply look bad. First of all make sure to choose the right color for your skin tone. Be especially aware of light and pink colors as they can give an unflaterring contrast to your skin tone. If not sure leave frosty lipstick for special costume-y ocassions and opt for a shine texture.

Lipstick Types And How To Wear Them

Lip Gloss/Tint/Stain/

Lip gloss and other well known alternatives to a traditional lipstick aren’t quite lipsticks but we’ll talk about them as lip color options here as well. A lip gloss is a good one. It’s  shiny, sparkly as well as it can be sheer, pigmented or slightly tinted. Gloss is a quick fix for a lip color as it can be easily applied even without a mirror. Lip tint or lip stain is a product to enhance lip color. It doesn’t give any finish to them only a tinge of color.

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