L’Oreal makes our lashes longer!

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Girls are obsessed with the length of eyelashes – the longer the better! Tons of mascara are used to achieve that effect but we never feel satisfied.

However, the situation is going to change soon with a new product from L’Oreal that promises to make our lashes longer and thicker.

long lashes

The French cosmetics company claims it has developed a serum that allows individual lashes to grow for a longer period of time before they fall out.

Thus, theoretically we will have longer eyelashes and much more of them if the serum is applied regularly.

The company has spent three years comparing eyelashes to the hair on our heads, and building on anti-hairloss technologies developed for its haircare ranges when the breakthrough was made.

The key active ingredient in the serum is an extract from a herbaceous plant called Centella asiatica which has traditionally been used in Asiatic and Indian medicine.

Hope the invention will really work and soon we all will have long lovely lashes!

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