Khroma Beauty Products by Kardashian Sisters

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It is incredible, but the Kardashian sisters are determined to take over the world. And this would become apparent to you too, when you find out that the famous sisters are ready to launch their own Beauty products line!
Khroma Beauty Products by Kardashian Sisters

Kardashian New Project

As widely known, Kardashian are obssessed with the beauty products, and not is surprising that they are launching their own line of make up, that would be of good quality and available to the masses. The collection would include mascaras, eyeshadows, a finishing powder, an illuminator, a pre-foundation mask entitled “Milliondollar mask”, and behold… the false eyelashes!
Khroma Beauty Products by Kardashian Sisters
The False eyelashes are sorf of a trademark for the Kardashian sisters, as they are known for using them very excessively, to achieve that magnetic gaze. For all those fans out there, the collection would be available pretty soon, perhaps after Thanksgiving day, but hey – it is worth waiting for! It is of course worth mentioning that this make up collection is a total must have for those who are in love with the Kardashian look. As Kim Kardashian herself said:

I can’t wait to share all of our amazing new products with you guys. We’ve always wanted to release our own cosmetics line, so this is a dream come true. Our Lash Dash luxury lash collection will debut this holiday season, with more products coming in the new year

Khroma Beauty Products by Kardashian Sisters

Khroma Beauty Products by Kardashian Sisters

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