Kate Gosselin Spent 35,000 for Makeover

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Should you pay $35,000 to be included into the Hollywood A-list? They answer vary from person to person. But if the topic is about Kate Gosselin then surely Yes!

Kate Gosselin spends thousands on makeover

She is getting ready for her Dancing with The Stars debut and she’s already spent $35,000 on her makeover and several plastic procedures to look perfect on camera.

“Kate thinks Dancing With the Stars will put her on Hollywood’s A-list,” claims an insider. “She feels she needs to look her best, so she gave herself a major makeover. She went from hating the way she looked to loving her new appearance.”

She is said to have had Botox injections, Restylane fillers, laser resurfacing, veneers, hair extensions and highlights, eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping. And that doesn’t include the cost of her regular spray tans and professional makeup applications.

The resume, if you aren’t ready to spend fifty-odd bucks, no one will book you in the Hollywood celebs list! Such a ridiculous thing! Who cares?

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