Inspiration for New Makeup Looks

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Inspiration for New Makeup Looks

In order to create your very own makeup looks you can draw inspiration from various sources from beauty bloggers to celebs, from runways and red carpet to fashion magazines but that’s not all. Makeup is all about color combination and finish. Lines and shapes are equally important so you can find inspiration for unique makeup looks anywhere from art books to movies and nature. If you are a makeup enthusiast you might want to find more sources of inspiration.

Inspiration Sources For New Makeup Looks:


Obviously trends are made for setting certain rules of makeup for a short period of time often bringing the trends back again and again. Eventhough trends can be, well, trendy you can interpret them in your own unique way. Use trends to get you inspired for new exciting makeup looks. Interpret the trends to suit your style and features.


Get inspired by beautiful artworks. Choose the color palette of a certain artwork you like and try to play with colors and shapes to create a new makeup look. Visual art is the ultimate source for inspiration when it comes to colors and shapes.


Nature has inspired many great things and there are so many amazing colors and shapes in nature that can certainly be translated into some unique makeup looks. Take pictures of natural sights or events you like to then translate them into makeup.


You can also draw inspiration from your outfit. Use the fabric prints as color palettes for your makeup look. Try new color combinations, seek out interesting shapes and lines. Try to interpret your outfit into makeup and see how it turns out.

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