Ideas For Wearing Trendy Dark Lipstick

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Since the dark lips is a big trend this season we have sought for some ideas on wearing them without looking too dramatic. Take a look at some makeup variations with the dark lipstick.

Wearing Dark Lipstick Trend

Deep Plum and Champagne

Ideas For Wearing Trendy Dark Lipstick Trend

Deep plum and burgundy lipstick go well with irridescent or liquid champagne eyeshadow creating a nice balance between the dark lips and eyes. Complete the look with generous coats of mascara and you’re all set for a glamorous evening.

Cherry and Gold

Ideas For Wearing Trendy Dark Lipstick Trend

Dark cherry lipstick and gold eyeshadow is a great combination for a glamorous evening makeup.

Red and Gray

Ideas For Wearing Trendy Dark Lipstick Trend

Red and gray color combo always looks great. Gray eyeshadow or eyeliner can accentuate the eyes without making them look over-dramatic and go well with the red lipstick.

Dramatic Lips vs. Understated Eyes

Ideas For Wearing Trendy Dark Lipstick Trend

It’s a common rule leaving your eyes soft when wearing dark lipstick but you could go further opting out of mascara and adding just a touch of eyeshadow to make the eyes pop while leaving all the attention to the lips.


Ideas For Wearing Trendy Dark Lipstick Trend

Be careful choosing blue eyeshadow with the red lipstick as together they can make for a dated look. Opt for grayish blue tones or different lipstick shade but avoid true blue and red combination.

Brown, natural and skin tone eyeshadows help make the eyes stand out but also maintain a natural look which is perfect for makeup that includes dark lipstick.

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