How To Wear Under Eye Eyeliner

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Under eye eyeliner is often talked about as a finishing touch to the makeup or the regular eyeliner. But today we’ll talk about the lower lid line and how to wear it. There are plenty of ways to rock the under eye line. It can be colorful or graphic, close to the lash line or apart from it. Even though the under eye eyeliner was a big trend of the past year it hasn’t been completely gotten rid of this season.

Under Eye Eyeliner Tips:

How To Wear Under Eye Eyeliner

House of Holland SS 2012

Bold Line

At Just Cavalli the under eye eyeliner was thick and bold in coal black contrasting with the pink upper lid. While this is certainly a bold daring look it can be toned down to make it more wearable and ensure your eyes don’t seem smaller. To tone it down choose a softer eyeliner and apply in thinner line smudging it just a bit to make it more wearable. If it still looks pretty harsh try to change the eyeliner color.

How To Wear Under Eye Eyeliner

Just Cavalli SS 2012

Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner under the eyes can surely make them pop. Choose the color that complements your eyes or apply your favorite eyeshadow with damp eyeliner brush to create a colored under eye line. The rest of the eye can be done in a neutral color for a nice soft contrast.

How To Wear Under Eye Eyeliner

Jeremy Scott SS 2012

Graphic Eyeliner

A graphic line under the lower lash line can look quite unusual and make for beautiful statement eyes. At Jeremy Scott SS 2012 show models sported a subtle under eye line that made their eyes look bigger. Try drawing a thin fine line under the eye apart from the lash line to complement the upper lid line. It can make for a great party look.

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