How To Wear Trendy Purple Eyeshadow

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Lilac, mauve, and other shades of purple eyeshadow were all over spring runways. And though the spring is yet to come this can be a great alternative to your grays and browns, besides it’s still 2014, which means you have all the rights to sport this year’s color shades.

How To Wear Purple Eyeshadow

Matthew Williamson Spring 2015

Matthew Williamson Spring 2015, backstage

Purple and all of its shades accentuate the blues in your skin. So before applying any kind of purple or pink/red for that matter to your skin make sure it’s perfectly prepped for it. Dark circles must be carefully erased with concealer while any redness covered with foundation. Shortly speaking, you need a clean canvas. Smooth complexion can help you pull out almost any color or look.

Make sure to get quality eyeshadow that doesn’t crease or disappear. This won’t look good, especially in such color as purple. A primer can be a way to go if you want your eyeshadow to stay put for a longer period of time or stop it from creasing too much.

Sally Lapointe Spring 2015

Sally Lapointe Spring 2015, backstage

The artists at Spring 2015 shows chose to accentuate only eyes painting them all the way up to the brows. They also used creamy textures. The lips were either left nude or painted light pink colors. Luminizing products were used to enhance skin’s glow, which counteracts the gloomy sickness that purple and red colors bring to the complexion.

To finish off the look add mascara and eyeliner to the eyes as leaving eyelashes bare may make you look sick. At Vera Wang models wore extreme dark circle makeup, which wouldn’t work in real life. At Derek Lam and Sally Lapointe models show a more wearable look.

I also wouldn’t wear any kind of purple in a really cold weather when you nose becomes red. Mixed with purple eyes you may end up with the look you were striving to get away from.

Derek Lam Spring 2015

Derek Lam Spring 2015, backstage

Guy Larcohe

Matthew Williamson Spring 2015, backstage

Matthew Williamson Spring 2015

Matthew Williamson Spring 2015, backstage

Julien David Spring 2015

Julien David Spring 2015, backstage

Vera Wang Spring 2015

Vera Wang Spring 2015, backstage

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