How To Wear Purple Lipstick

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How To Wear Purple Lipstick

Purple lipstick is among the Spring/Summer 2012 trends but it’s one of those colors that can be quite tricky to pull off. The secret is old and simple – skin tone. The ideal hue for your skin tone will help pull off the purple lip. It’s important to figure out what shade looks best on you and what hues suit your skin undertones.

How To Wear Purple Lipstick

Choose Purple Lipstick Shade/Hue:

  • For pale and light skin tone avoid dark purple shades in order to pull off the look. Choose the hue with blue or pink undertones depending on your skin undertones.
  • For medium skin tone opt for hues with warm yellow undertones.
  • For dark skin tone you can choose almost any shade and hue starting from lilac to deep purple.

How To Wear

The bold lip can overwhelm the rest of the face but it’s still important to not overdo with the eye makeup and blush when wearing purple lipstick. Neutral eyeshadow and a touch of mascara will do. A touch of blush can also complete the look. A light eyeliner is also an option for wearing with purple lipstick.

How To Wear Purple Lipstick

Try On Lip Gloss

If lipstick gives you too much color opt for a sheer purple-tinted lip gloss. It can also be applied over the lipstick to add a bit of gloss to the lips. While lip gloss isn’t as dramatic as the purple lipstick it is easier to maintain. There are numerous shades of purple in lip gloss today.

How To Wear Purple Lipstick

Mix & Match

Another important aspect of wearing a bold lip is to mix and match it to the rest of the look. The trend of the day is matching nails and lips, so you can try that. Purple mixes well with many other colors that can be incorporated into your outfit.

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