How To Wear Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick is the ongoing trend. It's bold but there are carious shades that can suit different skin tones. It's possible to mix colors and shades in order to find a perfect shade. The orange is bright so it's worn with soft eyes but in terms of outfits it can become a bright or contrasting accent in the whole look.

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How To Wear Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick as well as the “bold lip” itself have been around for several seasons now and they aren’t going anywhere this spring. Orange comes in various shades and with different undertones so choosing the right shade that fits your skin tone is very important.Orange is a bright color and there are certain rules that apply to wearing bright lip color:

  • Do not overdo. Keep the eyes soft using mascara or eyeliner, and maybe a bit of natural shade eyeshadow.
  • Master the application. Bright lip color doesn’t forgive careless application so make sure it is perfect.
  • Think the look through. Think about how the orange lips go with the clothes. It doesn’t have to match it but the overall picture should look harmonious.
  • Also make sure the lipstick shade goes well with hair color.

How To Wear Orange Lipstick

When choosing orange lipstick shade make sure it suits your skin tone. If the color is too bright opt for more sheer textures or more matte finish. Sheer texture works best for light skin tones. Dark skin tones allow wearing various bright shades of orange. Make sure to try a certain shade before you buy because some orange lipsticks come with different undertones.

Pair orange lips with soft eye makeup in neutral shades or use mascara only. Subtle eyeliner can work with the orange just make sure the overall look isn’t garish.

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