How To Wear Lip Liner In 2015

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Lip liner is problematic but like the blue eyeshadow it tries to make a comeback every other year. Beauty junkies have a practical relationship with it, while lay beauties don’t really use it much anymore to the grateful sigh of relief from anyone who remembers and deems the 90’s visible lip liner trend a heinous crime against the humanity. But while there are obvious advatanges to using a lip liner (prevents lipstick from bleeding, makes it last longer) can there be any aesthetic ones?

Lip Liner Tips

Andreas Ortner for ZINK Magazine

Andreas Ortner for ZINK Magazine

Lip liner is in and of itself not a bad thing. It keeps your lipstick in check for long, what’s not to like? Today you can even not bother matching it to the lipstick, just pick the clear one and use it with lipstick of any color. It would seem with all this hatred for visible lip liner it would cease to exist, at least in a colored version and yet it keeps coming back. The thing is that you can create a super unique look using a colored lip liner and lipstick. You just have to know how.

First, and general rule is to keep the lines smooth and almost indiscernible. You want to avoid that obvious line that catches everyone’s eye across the hall. Just like with lower lid eyeliner, smooth it out and blend it with the lipstick. Thus you can get away with a lip liner that doesn’t match your lipstick perfectly. Once you’ve mastered the technique of inconspicous lip liner you can create interesting color combinations for your lips. Think dark red lip liner with red lipstick or puple and pink. It’s easier to create an ombre lip that way too or make your lips look fuller by filling in the lipst in the middle with a lighter shade.

Another good rule to remember, is never pairing a too dark/bright lip liner with a nude or a too light lipstick. This is the look that notoriously gave the lip liner its bad rap in the first place, it just doesn’t work. Again if you are going to make it obvious, then be sure it looks something like MAC’s new ad campaign.

MAC Penciled In ad campaign

MAC Penciled In collection ad campaign

Maria Lynn Ehren by Pisid Whangvisarn-for Numéro Thailand Beauté #1

Maria Lynn Ehren by Pisid Whangvisarn for Numéro Thailand Beauté #1

Dark lips

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