How To Wear Colored Eyeliner

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How To Wear Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner is one of the coolest recurring beauty trends. It is a great festive alternative to a regular black/brown eyeliner and can be worn all on its own without eyeshadow. The key to wering it right is to choose colors that suit the skin tone and eye color.

How To Pull Off Colored Eyeliner:

Choose Color

  • Brown eyes. Purple is one of the first colors recommended to use for brown eyes. Also try green, gold, and copper.
  • Blue eyes. Opt for green, orange, or bronze eyeliner or find a shade of blue that really makes your eyes pop.
  • Green eyes.Green eyeliner works well for green eyes as well as brown, copper and ,
  • Hazel eyes.

How To Wear Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner can be worn on its own giving the pop of color to the eyes without looking too festive. Matte eyeliner is best for casual wear while flitter or shimmery one makes for a great party accessory.

How To Wear Colored Eyeliner

Eyeliner can also be worn with eyeshadow of matching or contrasting color. Make sure both colors look good on you and against each other. First apply eyeshadow, then eyeliner so that it would last longer. You can use damp brush with eyeliner brush to create colored eyeliner with your eyeshadow.

If you want more festive look opt for a  colored mascara of contrasting color to add to your colored eyeliner. It will be a great party look that would be hard to not notice. You can also combine two colored eyeliners together to wear on upper and lower eyelids.

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