How To Wear Burgundy Lipstick

Burgundy lips are common for Fall/Winter season. It's trendy and beautiful so it makes for a beautiful evening makeup. Keep the focus on the lips while leaving the rest of the makeup subtle.

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Burgundy lipstick is both sensual and dramatic. It can also be found in this winter and next summer trends as well as some makeup collections. As with all dark lipstick hues your burgundy should suit your skin tone. burgundy will suit dark and medium skin tones while fair skin tone owners can try to play with the intensity of burgundy shade or blend with other hues or opt for berry and brick red (also very popular).

How To Wear Burgundy Lipstick

Choose a Shade

Choose a shade of burgundy that will look best on you. Try several shades, work out the intensity of the lipstick that looks best and also pay attention to the lipstick texture. Some lipsticks are sheer while others are matte and creamy. The owners of thinner lips will need a bit of gloss to enhance the lip size while those who have plumper lips will pull off the matte finish perfectly.

How To Wear Burgundy Lipstick

Master the Application

Do not apply dark lipstick to chapped lips. Exfoliate and moisturize before applying lip color. Start by applying the lipstick from the middle of the lip working to the outer lip lines. If lips are thin add a thin coat of sheer gloss.

How To Wear Burgundy Lipstick

Complete the Look

Complete the look with just a coat of mascara. For subtle eye makeup choose natural pastels that enhance your skin tone, gold and brown hues.

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