How To Wear Blue Lipstick

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Purple, blue, and all kinds of lipsticks are now becoming more marketable and not just in time for Halloween. Now it’s more okay to wear unnatural hair colors, maybe it’s slowly creeping into lip makeup?

Regardless of that, blue lipstick is hard to pull off. It’s like black, only arguably more wearable. There are a few things to consider when making an attempt at blue lipstick.


Dark Side

Surprisingly, darker side of blue spectrum looks much more organic on the lips than lighter one, so ditch Kesha blue lipstick and choose dark muted blues that work for your skin tone. The former might work but you’llhave to find a perfect hue for your ksin tone and experiment with the looks to find out what looks good.

Undertones Still Matter

Undertones matter regardless of color so choose the blues that suit you. You may end up with the color that is way too dark and looks alien on your lips.

Ditch Wacky Eye Makeup

When trying to pull of something like blue lipstick it’s better to stick to classic winged or cat eyeliner and the simplest false lash design, if you must. Do not try to do both, it will only turn out too costume-y or just silly.

Also if you’re going there, be sure to use lipstick or thick, opaque lip gloss as opposed to sheer gloss, otherwise it’ll look like blue goo on your lips.

Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner

Blue lipstick with grey hair

Blue lisptick with eyeliner

Halloween makeup blue lipstick

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