How To Wear Blue Eyeshadow In 2014

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We’ve heard time and time again that blue eyeshadow is a thing of past, a faux pas, a relic we should forget ever existed. But the brands keep adding blue eyeshadow to their collections and designers keep sending models shamelessly sporting various shades of blue on their lids. Well, maybe there are still ways to wear blue without a fear of looking clownish.

Blue Eyeshadow Tips

Christian Dior Fall 2014

Christian Dior Fall 2014

Go Electric or Go Pastel

Electric blue isn’t as hard to pull off. You just get a cue from runway and go with either a very bright pigment or blue eyeliner. This is a great option for those who want a bit more attention to their eyes. Blue will look great by itself but you can also pair it with green or black.

When you think pastel blue eyeshadow think really washed out blue. This is a fresher tone that will make your makeup look more modern and less clowny (if that’s your concern). Put it into inner corners of the eyes as a fresh new highlighter.

Skip the Upper Eyelid

To ensure a modern blue eye makeup look avoid painting both of the eyelids blue. You can still pull if off if you don’t go up to the eyebrow but if you’re not sure keep the blue at your lash line or on the waterline.

Pay Attention to Texture & Finish

Blue eyeshadow and other eye makeup products are available in very different textures and finishes today. You can try any play with textures or finishes and add a fresh twist on the infamous blue eyeshadow.

The blue eyeshadow trend started last year, so you can take cues from the last year’s fashion weeks as well as celebrities.

Mother of Pearl Fall 2014 & Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

Mother of Pearl Fall 2014 and Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

Creatures of the Wind & Giles 2014

Creatures of the Wind and Giles Fall 2014

Kenzo Fall 2014 & Chanel Resort 2014

Kenzo Fall 2014 and Chanel Resort 2014

Nanette Lepore & Ohne Titel Spring 2013

Nanette Lepore and Ohne Titel Spring 2013

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde’s electric blue eyeliner

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman’s metallic blue eyeshadow

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