How to Upgrade Your Look for Spring/Summer 2011 Season

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How to Upgrade Your Look for Spring/Summer 2011 Season

To upgrade your look for Spring/Summer 2011 season you’ll need to make a slight transition in your wardrobe and overall appearance. It is still maybe cold outside but it will be warm soon enough so it’s time to prepare some looks that that are trendy but embracing the season of bright colors, light fabrics and effortless hairstyles. Start with your wardrobe compile some looks that are warm but also bright. Floral prints and lace as well as lightweight fabrics are in for Spring/Summer 2011 season. Treat your hair to some hydrating masks and products.


How to Upgrade Your Look for Spring/Summer 2011 Season

If you like effortless hairstyles and the hairstyles of 20s then you’ll be super trendy this season. Undone updos, side-pinned strands and loose waves were all over Spring/Summer 2011 runway shows. So if you have sported a Fall/Winter 2010-trendy side-parted low-rise bun make it look just a bit messy and undone and you are SS 2011-trendy. Simple as that.

Who doesn’t like the effortless loose waves? A bit of styling and you are still vogue in between seasons. Just don’t forget that your hair have been dried out by heating and wind, moisturizing and hydrating treatments will make them shiny and healthy again.

For official meetings or events you can sport a puff do. Comb your hair back into mid-rise ponytail then make a puffy but sleek voluminous bun. Hair accessories and hats can cover the bad hair and look totally trendy.


How to Upgrade Your Look for Spring/Summer 2011 Season

It’s easy. If you’ve sported nude look all winter just stick to it and nobody will notice. Natural makeup is in. To add a splash of color into your makeup change your red lipstick to bright pink, orange or red-based orange. Leave the eyes tame and mismatch your nail color with the contrasting bright glossy but not sparkly tint.

Metallic shades are also all over the runways so incorporate metallic gray into your nail color or eye makeup. Bright electric eyeliner or bold eyeshadow are also a way to get trendy.

In fact you don’t have to change much just swap from dark dramatics to festive 70s fashion as it seems to have taken over the Spring/Summer 2011 season.

Big bright accessories such as sunglasses, necklaces and others will help you upgrade your look without yet putting on some light spring clothes.

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