How To Rock Smudged Eyeliner

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How To Rock Smudged Eyeliner

Smudged eyeliner has been spotted at Marc Jacobs’ and Louis Vuitton’s RTW Fall/Winter 2012 fashion shows and I find something alluring about it. It’s a difficult look to pull off but it’s a perfect grungy makeup to rock in a rocker chic outfit. So the question is – how to wear it right?

Smudged Eyeliner Tips

To pull off the look of the ‘morning after eyes’ you should think about the look as a whole. You wouldn’t want to wear smudged eyeliner with an office shirt as it will look as if you forgot to take your makeup off last night. So make sure your smudged makeup fits with your outfit. Think rocker chic and grunge style outfits.

How To Rock Smudged Eyeliner

Fix the hair as it will make your look more polished. Tousled undone hair will make for a too dishevelled look. I like how they’ve done hair at Lous Vuitton. A sleek top knot looks great in contrast with the smudged eyeliner and long curly lashes. The model looks glam but grungy makeup gives her look a special touch. Tousled textured locks can be waved and styled if you prefer hair loose.

How To Rock Smudged Eyeliner

Smooth complexion is another key element to pulling off this look. Prepare skin as you wuld for regular makeup achieving clean polished look. Only then start smudging eyeliner to achieve the ‘morning after eyes’. Make sure the product doesn’t crumble or fall under the eyes as only they should be smudged.

Go with colored eyeliner to achieve a less messy look. Choose the color that complements your eyes and apply around the eyes blending and smudging the harsh lines to achieve soft smudged look.

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